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With environmental issues negatively progressing by the day, companies are starting to rethink their production patterns so as to eliminate waste and to achieve the continual use of resources. For a more circular economy to become a reality, new and innovative ways have to be developed to enable companies to move away from a linear production model.

Eutopia – the AI platform to access information about thousands of green startups in Europe – is once again thrilled to share with the readers of talenteco a selection of some of the most promising business-to-business green startups developing circular economy innovations.

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Circular IQ developed a digital platform that enables businesses to measure and improve their circular performance and impact. The startup has partnered with the principal railway operator in the Netherlands and has been trusted to aid Dutch telecom company KPN’s circularity programs.

Founded in 2016, headquartered in the Netherlands, 1 – 10 employees

Circularise developed a product lifecycle tracking system that empowers businesses to shift towards a circular economy. The blockchain solution has already helped industry leaders to trace materials and has recently raised €1.5m from the EU Commission’s H2020’s SME instrument.

Founded in 2016, headquartered in the Netherlands, 1 – 10 employees

Excess Materials Exchange (EME) developed an online, facilitated marketplace where companies can exchange any excess material. Recognised by the World Economic Forum as an innovation to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy, EME recently developed a pilot that showed a potential of €64m in financial value creation by finding high value new matches.

Founded in 2017, headquartered in the Netherlands, 11 – 50 employees

FixFirst developed an AI-based software that digitizes services and processes in the area of repair and maintenance. Supported by Tech Founders and Bosh, its work is to decrease the amount of electrical scrap that ends up wasted.

Founded in 2019, headquartered in Germany, 1 – 10 employees

Greenmove provides low-cost e-car sharing solutions for large companies. The startup has recently made a partnership with ENGIE to launch a website that makes the adoption of EVs more accessible.

Founded in 2018, headquartered in France, 1 – 10 employees

Greentraders is a marketplace that offers businesses refurbished IT equipment.

Labeled as “Green Greentech” by the French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the startup is successfully supporting companies in their ecological transition.

Founded in 2018, headquartered in France, 11 – 50 employees

Lizee developed a rental logistic platform that helps retail brands go circular. After working with Decathlon and Kipling, the startup has secured €1.3m in a funding round in 2020 and will use the capital to recruit data scientists and developers.

Founded in 2019, headquartered in France, 11 – 50 employees

Recyda developed a recyclability assessment tool for the packaging value chain. The company which has partnered with several industry groups aims to launch a final version of its tool in 2021 and has already validated a prototype with leading companies along the value chain.

Founded in 2020, headquartered in Germany, 1 – 10 employees

Rype Office remanufactures unwanted furniture to create more sustainable workspaces using circular economy principles. The award-winning startup predicts a revenue of £10m by 2025 and has, to date, completed over 170 projects for clients such as the UK Green Building Council and the UK’s National Health System.

Founded in 2014, headquartered in the United Kingdom, 11 – 50 employees

Trashstock is developing a platform to enable businesses to optimize resource efficiency and track product lifecycle. The cleantech startup aims to close the circularity gap on a global scale and is currently testing its platform under the Trashstock Development Program with a group of selected partners.

Founded in 2019, headquartered in Poland , 1 – 10 employees

Hope you enjoyed learning more about these companies – looking forward to the next greentech insights!